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The DDA Watch website has been once again published on Wantok Niuspepa in this weeks edition (11th- 17th July 2024). This time the Tok Pisin paper is promoting it on the front page.

ACT NOW! and Wantok Niuspepa has partnered to promote transparency and accountability in the district development authorities in PNG and the use of funds to bring better basic health and education services to the mass majority of Papua New Guineans most who are rural based.


Cathy Tukne / ACT NOW!

A lack of proper planning at the District level is a critical failure that is undermining the delivery of quality health and education services across Papua New Guinea.

Research by ACT NOW has revealed that two-years on from the last national election, just one quarter or 25% of Districts have published a five-year development plan for 2023-27.


The National | Editorial | July 3rd 2024

Papua New Guinea has often been described as an island of gold floating on the sea of oil, surrounded by natural gas. 

However, people in most parts of the country still awaits the sight of tangible development that has been promised since independence.

It is evident that our God-given resources seem to be squandered by a handful of those who lurk behind the curtain of corruption and greed, enabling themselves to get richer while the people become poorer. 


This is a second article by ACT NOW! and published in Tok Pisin on Wantok Niuspepa on June 27th 2024.

In this edition, ACT NOW! is thanking the Ombudsman Commission for calling DDA CEOs to be accountable to the management and use of DSIP funds.

This is been missing for far too long and the DDA CEOs are now been told by OC that they are subject to the Leadership and are required to produce annual returns and other requirements.


ACT NOW! is excited to announced it’s partnership with Wantok Niupepa. 

The only “Tokpisin” newspaper in the country will be featuring stories based on the District Development Authority Watch or DDA Watch website for the next 6 months. 

The first issue featuring DDA Watch website was published on Thursday the 30th of May 2024. Copies of the Wantok Newspaper are circulated nationwide through the Catholic Church and it’s partners. 

ACT NOW! acknowledges Wantok Newspaper in disseminating this information on District Development Authorities and their functions. 



As a priority area of action, Transparency International Chairman and Community Coalition Against Corruption (CCAC) co-Chair, Mr Peter Aitsi emphasized on the matter of greater accountability of public funds distributed through District Services Improvement Program Funding (DSIP) and Public Procurement. 


Cathy Tukne | ACT NOW

Round of applause to the Ombudsman Commission (OC) for taking the step in ensuring Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of all District Development Authorities (DDAs) are well equipped with the knowledge to manage the District Services Improvement Program (DSIPs) Funding.